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About Condorcam

  • Condorcam® is all about specialty camera angles. Jesse Placky, owner and creator of Condorcam®, used years of knowledge in the point-of-view (POV) camera field to enhance a tracking aerial shot for every film maker and production company. He is a renaissance man when it comes to television and film production. Jesse got his start working with Oceanwatch Production Group in Southern California as a POV operator and Rigger for a multitude of Red Bull events.

    In 2004 Jesse moved to Colorado started Trevnu Productions, a POV & speciality angle camera company where he became immersed in the Denver Production scene. He became an RF Tech and EIC for a broadcast mobile truck company, allowing him to learn the flow and technical side of live television and events. He also began to operate robotic cameras for all the major sports in Denver as well as travel nationwide for large scale events.

    In 2008 he created his first cablecam system, which worked on many productions, but in 2010, Jesse redesigned and enhanced his vision by creating Condorcam®. With Condorcam® becoming a US Registered Trademark in 2012, Jesse decided to dissolved Trevnu Productions into the grower CC brand offering all services under one roof and name.