How best to use stock footage

  • Stock footage has been used since the beginning of film-making and is the least expensive alternative to set a scene for fictional or documentary purposes. It’s a convenient form of visual shorthand.

    In a project you can use stock footage to set a scene or an establishing shot. For example you’re shooting a film and you want to set a location to show where the character in your film is going you can cut to a quick shot of Tahiti, an airport or the beach and your audience will get the picture.

    Let’s say you’re working on a documentary about hiking or sailing and the location is just not cooperating you can find a comparable stock shot that will look better and can work the same as if you shot it on location.

    If you’re going to shoot interiors bear in mind that when using a generic stock shot of a building make sure that the interior you’ll be working with looks close to what you would image the inside of the building would look like.

    Stock footage can also be used for an emotion effect, for example a sunset can convey someone passing away, the end of a relationship, time to find a place for the night, or running out of time, etc. For humor you can use a boat leaving the harbor or sailing off on the horizon to convey that your ship has sailed, etc. There is a plethora of stock footage available at saving you big bucks on your production budget. Do your homework ahead of time to save money on locations when you can use stock.

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