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5 Equipment New Filmmaking Students Should Use!

  • Have you just stepped into a film school? Find what sort of gear you will require in order to learn filmmaking in a perfect manner. Although your school will provide you equipment but buying some other filmmaking equipment will also benefit you as they will enhance your filmmaking skills more.

    In the market, you will find the huge variety of filmmaking equipment so you can buy the equipment according to your own requirement or desire. You will find perfect tools for framing a short and recording a sound.

    As filmmaking is your passion so it makes sense that you work on outdoor projects in term breaks. This post is perfect to read as it has come up with some outstanding filmmaking equipment. You should take a look at them carefully and improve your filmmaking skills.

    1.    Camcorder
    Think of buying a camcorder and interestingly, you will not need to spend a fortune on it. Camcorder is the awesome tool for every passionate filmmaking student. It will definitely improve you filmmaking ability and it will be very beneficial at the time you enter filmmaking industry. Canon VIXIA HF R500 has awesome features that make you film any interview or shoot any scene in HD. It also consists of an external mic as well as headphone jack. This tool will make you capture HD images so stop thinking anymore and consider buying it. As you improve your filmmaking skills so you will ace your coursework easily and you will never look for coursework writing service online.

    2.    DSLR Camera   
    Prosumer DSLRs have big sensors and they make students have a huge depth of field as well as filmic look. They also allow for a great set of manual features. Footage from DSLR looks great and it requires huge expertise. The more you practice with it, the more you will become good at using DSLR. It is better to get the assistance of any DSLR’s expert at the time of using it.

    3.    A fluid head video tripod
    Keep in mind that a tripod which may tilt as well as pan is the need for shooting videos. A fluid head video tripod will ensure the perfect results. Being a filmmaker student, your aim is to come up with videos that do not resemble home videos therefore you should consider using it in order to maintain quality at the time of shooting videos. As you mount a camera on this specific tripod so it will definitely keep it steady and you will also be able to shoot from various angles. It means that you should think of buying it and come up with high-quality videos.     

    4.    Digital recorder
    It is the best tool that you can use for capturing audio. It is essential to know that prosumer cameras hardly consist of audio controls that are manual and if you do not have a wireless microphone so you will get tethered to a camera. This external digital recorder will provide you the huge versatility and higher quality. Lots of experienced filmmakers suggest filmmaking students to use this outstanding tool in order to capture audio.

    5.    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
    You should also think of buying Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 and it does not bring a huge burden to your pocket. You will find that it is capable of recording 4K video with 100mb/s and it is the fantastic feature. It is also important to know that the images this camera brings out are awesome hence you should buy it and enhance your filmmaking skills.