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Blogs » So here's my showreel :)

So here's my showreel :)

  • Here we are, I finally did my showreel for 2006.

    It consists on only one medium-sized film I shot in the south of France.

    http://kickban.free.fr/norman.png" width="200" />
    http://kickban.free.fr/forest-night.png" width="200" />

    Please check the Video, and tell me what you think !!

    I shot it using a Panasonic HVX200, using the P2 cards in 720p. I used in pretty much all the scenes in this demo a Cinepar 12kW, 3 maxi-brutes and some lucioles. I color corrected only one scene by slightly desaturing it, otherwise everything's raw


    DoP: Francois TIFFREAU

    Operator: Thomas C.

    1st assistant operator: Madhi/Tixou

    Gaffer: Alexandre MARQUIS

    Best Boy: Yannick


    • Joachim IMBARD

    • Vincent

    • Gravier

    • Tixou

    • TX

    • Gazouze

    • Amin


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  • Filmosity
    Filmosity Very nice work! Not crazy about some of the handheld stuff, but the reel looks good. I don't know if I'd use myspace as your professional website. Consider getting yourself a domain name (they're cheap!) and a good website.

    Other than...  more
    March 31, 2007 - Report
  • d4corp
    d4corp First of all, thank you for your constructive comment !
    I agree with you about the handheld stuff, because of how the production went, I chose to focus more on the lighting and might have missed some things on the camera operating...  more
    March 31, 2007 - Report