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Blogs » All film artists, Ourstage has launched!

All film artists, Ourstage has launched!

  • Ourstage.com has finally launched! After a very successful month in private beta, where we gave out $5,000 to the grand winner, Ourstage is now open to the public and upcoming artists. Check it out, upload your videos, and start voting.

    The greatest thing about ourstage, in my opinion, is that you get to vote in a completely democratic way. You can't choose who you vote for, so only the best of the best go to the top. Also, every single submission is ranked!

    For this month's competition, the winner of both the music and film section are getting $5,000 grand prize, which comes with great exposure. So go and put your masterpiece online, you never know what can happen!

    If you have any questions about how everything works, don't hesitate to ask.