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Classifieds » Actors » Free Resource For Actors

Classifieds » Actors » Free Resource For Actors

Free Resource For Actors


Global media platform Film Forums has launched a brand new free podcast and talk show for actors, filmmakers and film lovers. Each show features successful directors, producers, actors and screenwriters offering unique industry insights about the art and business of film.

YouTube channel: bit.ly/film-forums-youtube
Spotify: bit.ly/filmforums-spotify

Film Forums have interviewed actors/filmmakers about their movies starring the likes of Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Ferdinand Kingsley (Mank), Barry Primus (The Irishman, American Hustle), Jason Biggs (American Pie) and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project).

The new show is presented primarily by Richard Williams (platform creator) and actress Aiysha Jebali (myself) and is delivered via YouTube, many major podcast platforms such as Spotify and Google Podcasts, as well as in print - on the website.

Topics include all the burning questions that every aspiring actor wants answered from both indie and blockbuster perspectives - like how to land an agent or a drama school scholarship, coping with rejection and audition strategies.

This YouTube Channel and Podcast are a must-subscribe for film students, fledgling actors and upcoming filmmakers.