• Posted January 3, 2011 by luckymohawk
    $240 PRE-LIT GREEN SCREEN STUDIO RENTAL w/CAMERAS & CREW ALL INCLUDED! http://www.gotvnetworks.com/studiorentals/ GREE...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Sherman Oaks
    • Zip code: 91423
  • Posted October 28, 2010 by Sandra de Leeuw
    Win a FREE trip to Belize, $1500 in spending money and win a spot as part of Matrix' 2011 Ad campaign by making a video ...
    • Location: Canada
  • Posted October 20, 2010 by Luca Balboni
    • Location: Italy
  • Posted October 5, 2010 by alphajolt
    Well equipped Final Cut editing suite and small video shoot (interviews) studio available for use by aspiring profession...
    • Location: United States
    • City: New York
    • Zip code: 10024
  • Posted October 5, 2010 by José Vítores
    • Location: Germany
    • City: Berlin
    • Zip code: 12169
  • Posted August 19, 2010 by BigA135
    Hey, All Hope all's well & better than well... We're seeking a camera-operator with a DV cam (mini-dv - HD preferred, ...
    • Location: United States
    • City: NYC
    • Zip code: 10466
  • Posted August 19, 2010 by BigA135
    Hey, All Hope all's well & better than well... We're seeking a camera-operator with a DV cam (mini-dv - HD preferred, ...
    • Location: United States
    • City: NYC
    • Zip code: 10466
  • Posted August 6, 2010 by Justinian Difo
    My name is Justinian Zephaniah Difo. I am Chief videographer for Spotlight on Girls : Television and New Media. I am mov...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Philadelphia
    • Zip code: 19103
  • Posted August 3, 2010 by Lairr
    The Documentary which aired in 75 countries worldwide and was seen by over 72 million viewers, featured original music ...
    • Location: United States
    • Zip code: 10011
  • Posted July 30, 2010 by Jess Hendricks
    My name is Jess Hendricks and I am looking to work on independent projects of just about any kind. I have a lot of exper...
    • Location: United States
  • Posted July 15, 2010 by Tech Virtual
    The Tech Museum is looking for a few great video clips to run inside a brand new gallery dedicated to microchips - the...
    • Location: United States
    • City: San Jose
    • Zip code: 95113
  • Posted July 10, 2010 by Jim Hughes
    Switch Theory is a full service music production house. The film world is full of traditionalist film composers. Switch ...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Savannah
    • Zip code: 31410
  • Posted July 8, 2010 by Erika Parkins
    Hello, my name is Erika Parkins and I am posting this on behalf of Shared Hope International in Arlington, Virginia. Sha...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Arlington
  • Posted June 4, 2010 by M'Shai Abdul-Majid
    I'm looking to shoot a music vid for a dark pop song. It's already atory boarded, and its completely green screen. It'll...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Washington, D.C.
    • Zip code: 20019
  • Posted May 30, 2010 by Ronin08
    I'm a film student from Ithaca College at home for the summer in the D.C-Metro area, looking to do any kind of crew work...
    • Location: United States
  • Posted May 26, 2010 by david rubio
    need a crew for short film titled Beyond Tomorrow. Crew needed: Grip, gaffer, assistant director, d.p., p.a. and boom op...
    • Location: United States
    • City: wilmington
    • Zip code: 90744
  • Posted May 23, 2010 by Andrey Mishchenko
    Hello ! I am writing instrumental music which may fit your movies. Greatly appreciate your comments or collaboration op...
    • Location: Russia
    • City: Vladivostok
  • Posted May 22, 2010 by Avery Gimble
    We are a full video production company specializing in business videos for marketing, training, conferences, promotion e...
    • Location: United States
  • Posted May 2, 2010 by Adam Brown
    Hello there. My name is Adam Brown and I am a young, enthusiastic and professional film composer, who has gained several...
    • Location: United Kingdom
    • City: london
  • Posted April 28, 2010 by Yanis Yioussef
    • Location: Spain
    • City: Hoyos-Caceres
    • Zip code: 10850
  • Posted April 27, 2010 by G_FRESH
    I'm looking for crew in Oregon. I badly need a producer who isn't afraid of taking a chance to help aspiring filmmaker. ...
    • Location: United States
    • City: salem
  • Posted April 20, 2010 by Lilia Lemoine
    We are a team from Argentina, we have a script, technicians, FX and VFX artist ready to work, we need founding. This is...
    • Location: Argentina
    • City: Buenos Aires
    • Zip code: 1416
  • Posted April 18, 2010 by robinfilmmaker
    You like film! What You Like to associate with Filmmaking? please contact me with your details. http://robindasichapore....
    • Location: India
    • City: kolkata
    • Zip code: 743144
  • Posted April 18, 2010 by Jason Whitaker
    I am an actor, writer and filmmaker located in South Carolina. I have a valid passport and I am willing to travel anywhe...
    • Location: United States
  • Posted April 18, 2010 by VOrtizGil
    I know most of you are like why would I want to hang or even talk to a teenager. I am 16 years old and I want to be a ...
    • Location: United States
    • City: West Covina
    • Zip code: 91790
  • Posted April 18, 2010 by Antonio Barrios
    Hola, I'm Antonio a photographer videographer looking for work. I live in MidWest near Cleveland OHio. I edit w/ Premier...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Lorain
    • Zip code: 444055
  • Posted April 18, 2010 by Shohan Cagle
    You can hear some of my music at: http://www.myspace.com/shohanmusic I look forward to working with you! -Shohan Cagl...
    • Location: United States
  • Posted April 10, 2010 by Alexander Khanukhov
    http://notesanddotes.com /www.notesanddotes.com/Composer/Music.html Alexander Khanukhov, Film Composer 818 762 3130
    • Location: United States
    • City: Los Angeles
    • Zip code: 91607
  • Posted April 5, 2010 by Joey Dello Russo
    In the next two weeks, I'll be looking for people who could perhaps fill these positions: ART DIRECTOR (On-set), COSTUME...
    • Location: United States
    • City: New York
    • Zip code: 10011
  • Posted March 19, 2010 by Scott Radway
    Nothing thrills me more than adding nuance to help bring someone's vision to life. Do you want some minimalist quirk fo...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Philadelphia
    • Zip code: 19116
  • Posted March 17, 2010 by jodymichelle
    LAST CHANCE! Chicago International Film Festival's CineYouth Festival: DEADLINE EXTENDED to March 25, 2010!Young visiona...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Chicago
  • Posted March 16, 2010 by donisaggenau
    Needed for a short film, shoot dates are April 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This is a low budget short film, so there is no pay, h...
    • Location: United States
    • City: los angeles
    • Zip code: 90047
  • Posted March 16, 2010 by jodymichelle
    DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival: Have you ever seen a film that made you laugh? Cry? Taught you somethin...
    • Location: United States
    • City: St. George; Kanab; Springdale
  • Posted March 5, 2010 by camerashy
    I need a film student film crew available in NYC for an early April shoot in Washington Sq Park. The film is a 12 minut...
    • Location: United States
    • City: New York
    • Zip code: 10017
  • Posted February 2, 2010 by vuijk
    Filming wll be in Haridwar, India at the Kumbh Mela. This is a once in a lifetime event (400,000,000 visitors!!) for mak...
    • Location: Netherlands
  • Posted January 29, 2010 by COMPOSERGREG
    Experienced composer with independent film credits looking for new film projects.Samples of my work can be heard atwww.m...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Portland
  • Posted January 28, 2010 by joewriter
    I am looking for a producer for the “no budget” feature movie I will be directing this year. The right perso...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Los Angeles
  • Posted January 24, 2010 by redraptor
    Did you just find out there's a large gap between your 5 hours of raw footage and a finished product? People like you do...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Honolulu
  • Posted January 22, 2010 by unknown
    Hi I'm a composer with experience scoring music for several student films. I'm currently located in L.A. and I'm looking...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Los Angeles
  • Posted January 20, 2010 by jerryfranck
    Selling my Tiffen/Steadicam Ultra Vest. View the add here: http://www.steadicam-ops.com/database/soaClassDetail.php?re...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Los Angeles
  • Posted January 19, 2010 by McBlaze
    You're looking for a different sound? I just finished a full length soundtrack for the open source filmproject Valkaama....
    • Location: Germany
    • City: Ruhrgebeat
  • Posted January 14, 2010 by yellowbox
    Go on specified location and collect 10 to 15 minutes of relevant promotional footage. NO EDITING. Date, time, location ...
    • Location: Canada
    • City: Montreal
  • Posted January 5, 2010 by BigA135
    hello, all wishing yall a very productive & successful '10 we're doing a pre-production "video storyboard" for a featu...
    • Location: United States
    • City: NYC
  • Posted January 4, 2010 by Tray115
    I am a writer and i have multiple features and shorts waiting to be produced. Email me tray115@aol.com or send a messag...
    • City: New york
  • Posted January 2, 2010 by yachtwork
    Seeking a trade for time on a luxury sailing catamaran in the heart of the S. Pac in exchange for film and editing for a...
    • Location: Tonga
    • City: Vava 'u
  • Posted December 22, 2009 by oganalp
    Greetings; Artist name: Oganalp Canatan Artist samples: www.oganalp.com | www.myspace.com/oganalpcanatan E-mail: oganal...
    • Location: Turkey
    • City: Ankara
  • Posted December 19, 2009 by BRAVE
    AG-HPX170 Camera Rental near Vassar and Marist College in Hudson Valley Contact: 917-991-2926 or beth@braveedit.com $300...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Poughkeepsie
  • Posted December 19, 2009 by cliffordmillions
    Looking for film-crew with some experience to shoot a feature film in Trinidad, West Indies. I am confident of success a...
    • City: Port Of Spain
  • Posted December 17, 2009 by Red_Badger
    My name is David Goode aka The Red Badger of Courage. I am a songwriter/composer. My work includes everything from ind...
    • Location: United States
    • City: Olympia
  • Posted December 16, 2009 by Richard John
    Hi guys, I am a composer, pianist and conductor who has recently started scoring films. I have written the soundtrac...
    • Location: United Kingdom
    • City: Swansea