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    Friday April 6
    12pm Auditions
    Here's what we are looking for:
    Cast of Cast of characters:
    Mickey T Davis: Director late 30's
    Mario: Actor late 20's smart aleck
    Lola: Actress late 20's super diva
    Linda: Actress late 20's
    Beth Davis: Mickey's mother
    Paul: Interviewer Late 30's
    Sally: Mickey's girlfriend 20's
    Zombie/Alien Extras 5 any type
    Non paid food and credit
    Address is:
    2900 Meade Avenue suite 8
    off valley view

    Lights Camera Action
    is Spinal Tap meets ED Wood
    A mockumentary about the
    behind the scene making of
    Attack of the zombie vampire aliens from space.




  • 4/6/12 at 5:00 AM -
    3/6/12 at 5:00 AM
  • Where
    las vegas nevada Map
  • RSVPs
    • 1 attending
    • 0 maybe attending
    • 0 not attending
    • 0 awaiting reply



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