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  • The NuHo Film Festival is the brainchild of the New Hollywood (NuHo) Entertainment Distribution company. We pride ourselves by being known as a distribution company with an independent filmmaker's mentality.

    For years filmmakers have been taken advantage of by the traditional Hollywood system.

    But with the landscape of content delivery ever-evolving, filmmakers and movie goers have options. We at NuHo recognize that. We knew there was a better way, so we built it. We are fusing the traditional theatrical experience with the new digital experience. Industry professionals accustomed to the "old way" will tell you these two platforms can not co-exist. We are here to prove them wrong.

    It's time to shake things up. Our goal is to galvanize change and set a new system in place for how films receive exposure and distribution.

    The NuHo Film Festival is unlike any other film festival. We come from the artist's stand point and understand the artist's frustration. Film festivals are huge revenue generators - but does a filmmaker ever see a penny? No. Filmmakers get so caught up in the pomp and circumstance of the Hollywood BS and politics that they forget the business side of their film.

    We at NuHo think filmmakers should get a piece of the action. After all, without your films there is no festival.

    The inaugural 2014 NuHo Online Film Festival is the WORLD'S FIRST. It gives filmmakers and audience a full film festival experience wherever they are.

    • A REVENUE SHARING program for the selected filmmakers

    • Major media exposure

    • Film will be SEEN BY MILLIONS for the duration of the festival, including agents, distributors and other industry professionals.

    • Our encryption is state of the art and all films are placed on a secure server so piracy is NOT an issue.

    NuHo brings a personal touch. Every film is watched and specially curated. We are not like the big festivals that receive thousands of dollars in submission fee revenue and only watch a handful of films. We watch every film.

    The NuHo Film Festival is a place where new filmmakers can connect with audiences to gain exposure. A place where film lovers can discover new content without having to attend Sundance, Tribeca or Cannes. It's a place where the theatrical experience meets the digital era.

  • 2/7/14 at 9:00 AM -
    2/28/14 at 9:00 AM
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