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  • Create Hollywood-style Movie Effects with PowerDirector - CyberLink

    It’s Oscar season again, and our love for movies is overflowing! In this month’s CyberLink Webinar, you will learn how to easily use PowerDirector and PhotoDirector to add some movie magic and special effects to your videos.

    Tips in this course
    [Tips] NewBlue Titler Pro in this demo is included in PowerDirector 13 Ultimate and higher version. (Titler Pro is working with graphic card supporting OpenGL 2.1 graphic card, so some on onboard Intel graphic card can not enable NewBlue Titler Pro)
    [Tips] to apply vignette effect, you can use "focus" effect. To fine tune the range of effect by double clicking "Effect"
    [Tips] To apply transition effect with NewBlue Titler, simply drag and drop the transition to the beginning and ending of the title
    [Tips] Use PhotoDirector's "Background removal" to remove background, and PhotoDirector will export a transparent PNG file back to PowerDirector
    [Tips] Use PhotoDirector background removal's brush tool to brush on the region you would like to remove. In this case, we will launch ColorDirector to alter the "red" part, and change it to "green" with ColorDirector
    [Tips] When using chroma key, better use Green or Blue background (Red is too close to skin color....not that ideal to be a chroma key index)
    [Tips] Click on video object on timeline, enter PiP designer, and you can select "Mask" to show certain portion of video
    [Tips] in Title Designer, you can assign font face, font color and border color. In this case, we use Star War Jedi font + black font color + yellow border
    [Tips] New Feature in PowerDirector 13 - you can now apply video effects on top of text object
    [Tips] For lens flare and other video effects, you can use keyframe to control the motion and scale of the effect. Click on effect on timeline /select key frame
    [Tips] For example, in Lens Flare effect, you can control center & light position to make it move. And can adjust level with keyframe as well
    [Tips] Use "Perspective scroll" in title room to create classic Star War crawl opening
    [Tips] Use keyframe tool in PiP designer room, to adjust the position & scale of object, that's how we move the spaceship
    around.[Tips] Use keyframe tool in PiP designer room, to adjust the position & scale of object, that's how we move the spaceship around.
    [Tips] To add the engine flare, it's the same as spaceship, drag the PiP object to timeline, and use Keyframe to control position & scale.

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Create Hollywood-style Movie Effects


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