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  • During ETIA 2015, more than a dozen sessions will bring technical, creative, and ecosystem experts together to explore how the Internet is changing entertainment and to provide context that will aid attendees — engineers, creatives, and researchers focused on the future of entertainment over the Internet — in understanding both technology and application trends.

    Kicking off the afternoon of the first day, Hunt’s keynote address will look at how the content creation community and the titans of the Internet can better collaborate in providing compelling content to consumers. Hunt will discuss the challenges of this proposition, as well as the benefits it could bring to all parties, and particularly the consumer.

    Hunt oversees Netflix technology including the streaming platform and the vast amount of user data that supports algorithms used to recommend content to members. He leads a team that is responsible for the design, implementation, and operation of the technology behind the Netflix service — the website, mobile, and Smart-TV experiences that enable members to subscribe, select shows and movies using personalized recommendations or search function, and stream them to any of more than 1,000 different kinds of devices for viewing. The team is also responsible for the delivery pipeline: the encoding, storage, and delivery of over 100 million hours of streamed content per day to more than 62 million Netflix members in more than 50 countries.

    Hunt also will take part in the panel session titled “Show Me the Money, Sonny!”. He will join Todd Collart, who is co-founder, general manager, and senior vice president of Deluxe OnDemand, and Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, to discuss the trade-offs that over-the-top (OTT) service providers must address when balancing more, faster, and better pixels against bit budgets, as well as the impact of these considerations on deployment scenarios. Allan McLennan, president and chief analyst at The PADEM Group, will moderate the session.

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    6/16/15 at 9:00 PM
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Explore the old, the new, and the future of entertainment technology!


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