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  • Save time, spend less and earn more being creative and doing what you love. My goal was to net 6 figures by the time I turned 30 doing what I love and working for myself. I achieved that goal and continue to grow both professionally and creatively. It goes without saying that you can too. I believe in the philosophy of givers gain. I am eager to share best practices with collaborators as we all enable each other to find and fulfill our dreams.

    Take this class and you’ll walk out with a better understanding of the business of production and the know-how to earn six figures as an independent video producer. An investment of $1/minute today returns $100K/year tomorrow.

    Students will also gain access to a private network for present and future alumni.

    Workshop topics will include:

    *Leveraging Assets & Resources*
    _____What do you have that’s is uniquely valuable to others? Learn how to parlay your soft skills and capital investments onto productions.

    *Quick Decisions: Day-toDay Cost/Benefit Analysis*
    _____Should you buy or rent? DIY or delegate? Decision paralysis stressing you out?! We’ll share the formulas to figure out which gear will get you ROI, when to hire some help and what you MUST do yourself.

    *Proposals & Pricing*
    _____Wondering what to charge for your next video bid? We will discuss approaches to pricing as well what to NOT put in your proposal.

    *Sales & Email Etiquette*
    _____Stuck on sales? How do you find new clients? They might just be hiding in plain sight. What you need is a solid strategy for generating new video business leads.
    _____Does staring at Gmail get you down? Let’s flip that frown and explore insights on how to profit from writing good email and perhaps even have some fun while ripping through your inbox.

    *Time Management*
    _____Do you struggle with having too much time on your hands? Neither do I. The workshop will provide tips & tricks for task automation, prioritizing your projects and saving you time = money.

    Sign up here: https://kitsplit.com/rent/how-to-make-6-figures-as-an-independent-video-producer?utm_source=forums&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=awareness
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    4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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    1000 Dean Street STE. 414 Brooklyn, NY Map
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    Sam Baumel
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Breaking 6 Figures in Freelance Video


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