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Upcoming Six Week Classes For Film Students!!

  • January 31, 2008 8:03 AM PST
    Manhattan Edit Workshop Six Week Art Of Editing
    Less starving. More artist.

    As an editor, developing well-rounded technical and creative abilities means you can do more and offer more.
    Our signature Six Week Course in the art and technique of film editing is taught on the two leading industry tools - Avid and Final Cut Pro. The industry uses both. So should you.
    This Intensive class provides a complete education - from the art and history of editing to the technical know-how needed on the job.
    A comprehensive jump-start for anyone serious about a career as an editor, over half of our Six Week graduates have found work as editors and assistants.
    Learn from the best in our Artist in Residence series, where editors of Academy Award winning films guide you on your work and share insights from their own.
    Resident Artists include Chrstopher Tellefsen (Capote, Kids, Flirting with Disaster), Lee Percy (Reversal of Fortune, Boys Don’t Cry), Tom Haneke (American Dream, He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'), Larry Silk (Pumping Iron, Wild Man Blues), Jim Lyons (Far From Heaven, Safe), Jeffrey Wolf (Beautiful Girls, Holes), Keith Reamer (I Shot Andy Warhol, Stephanie Daley), Michael Berenbaum (Sex in the City, Hollywoodland), Carol Littleton (E.T., Grand Canyon), Robert Lovett (The Taking of Pelham 123, The Cotton Club), Bill Pankow (Carlito’s Way, Drumline) and Stephen Rotter (The Right Stuff, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel).
    Whether just starting out in a new career, switching gears from an old one, or pursuing your own creative goals, it’s vital to develop a solid foundation - the practical tools you’ll need every day and the style that makes your voice unique.
    Course cost: $5,750
    Class time: Monday through Friday 10AM -5PM.
    Feb.25 - Apr 4
    Apr 14 - May 23
    June 2 - Jul 11
    July 22 - Aug 29
    Sept 8 - Oct 17
    Oct 27 - Dec 12