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Director needed for short promo film

  • September 28, 2012 6:07 AM PDT


    Good morning, my name is David Boyer, author of the screenplay, Mystery, Indiana, which is currently in script development for film, and need a filmmaker to shoot the promo film, too.


       A storm recently fried my hard drive, and my PC will no longer take an internet modem, so I have no way of downloading a decent screenplay software program to my PC, therefore, my script is not in proper screenplay format.


       Upon completion of the screenplay in the proper format, an executive with New TV Show Studios in Pittsburgh, PA, wants to pitch the idea to several major TV networks, including TNT and FX. If I can find someone to transfer my two pilot scripts to the proper format, they will receive screen name credits in the series pilot, as well as a percentage of the profits once the series premieres and comes out on DVD. If you might be interested in helping me out, contact me at, and I will reply to your inquiry ASAP, as well as send you the two pilot scripts in MS Word format for you to look over for proper formatting.






    David Boyer