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I love film scoring, but...

  • February 16, 2015 2:21 AM PST

    I understand that not everybody has the budget to pay what I would actualy need to survive.

    Some composers here are "desperate" I wish them good luck, but if you're desperate I think you chose the wrong proffession, or you should at least study music a litle bit longer. If you hold on and understand that music has to serve the film, you might find the right colaboration.

    I can't work for nothing as we have to pay musicians, studio rent and more, but if you need music that works, have a peek at our portfolio. I'm sure that if you (filmmakers) like it, we can work something out. That's what I hope. Don't settle for "free" but chose what's best for your film. I might be in the wrong place here, but I'm sure someone understands we all have to survive. If you work for nothing, you have to take a day job in a store. My dayjob is writing great music for your production. Check out what we can do for you. />

    Thanks for sharing and caring. 


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    June 2, 2015 3:53 AM PDT

    Good morning, hope you're doing well. I love music. I think music is a higher form of communication. I also think that doing some work to get your name recognized and get experiece doing something you love to get started is ok. It is certainly not a mortal sin.