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Former working musician...Current aspiring composer...

  • June 18, 2015 1:14 AM PDT

    As a working drummer for 20yrs I knew the ins and outs of 'The Game'...However, now that I've put down the sticks and plugged the keyboard into the laptop in an attempt to compose my own music, I'm not really sure how it works when it comes to sharing my music with filmmakers and other artists who need music! As a professional, experienced drummer I expected to be compensated for my work(charitable events being the rare exception). That being said, I do not expect to make money, at least for some time, when it comes to collaborating with filmmakers etc. So I am more than willing to share my music for free. Of course, I would expect to get a credit if my coposition is used. I really want to build collaborative relationships that may utimately lead to working relationships. If anyone has any advice on how I should move forward in my attempts to ultimately be a 'working' composer, it would be GREATLY appreciated! take care, Mike