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Simple Setup for Church Livestreams

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    June 3, 2020 8:33 AM PDT

    The church that I do live streams for might get approved for A/V budget. The Reverend is asking me what equipment for live streaming would be good to get where we can do things more professionally. She might not be able to hire additional crew, so keep in mind, it's just 1 camera person who is currently shooting on iPhone and tripod, and 1 audio person doing sound for the speakers and musicians only, (and not for the camera). But the Reverend basically wants to be able to zoom in and out, and to have that work with Facebook live streaming. We're unable to do that right now with an iPhone. Right now, while live streaming on Facebook Live, when you zoom in with an iPhone, you cannot zoom back out while the live stream is going on Facebook.

    Also, what are your recommendations about staying with iPhone, or moving to a different kind of camera. But again, she might not be able to hire more crew. It's just a two-person crew, and the audio engineer is strictly audio, (does not want to mess with the camera!). \ud83d\ude04 But we'll see.

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas!