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How to Use the Network


  • jodymichelle
    jodymichelle: How to Upload Music Tip # 1

    Upload a Song: Here's How

    (1) Go to "Explore" at Top Navigation.

    (2) Scroll down to "Music"

    (3) At the right-side navigation, click "Upload a Song".
    • October 8, 2010
  • jodymichelle
    jodymichelle: Facebook Connect Feature Tip # 2

    You Now Have 2 Ways to Login

    There are now 2 ways to login to the Filmmakers Network.

    (1) You can login using your Filmmakers Networking username and password.

    -- or --

    (2) You can use your Facebook username and password....  more
    • October 5, 2010
  • jodymichelle
    jodymichelle: Conducting Round 3 Testing this morning. Testing Network Modules with Facebook and Twitter interfaces.
    • February 22, 2010
  • jodymichelle
    jodymichelle: Welcome to the Group, "How to Use the Network." This section will contain quick and easy "How-To's" for using different channels and features on the Network. Join this Group for Technical Support and FAQs. We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.
    • February 22, 2010