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    Get Paid To Get PAid Film Competition

    Qualified filmmakers who submit there films to be considered for webetheater between now and April 5th will be entered for a chance to be paid to put there film on in addition to keeping a majority of their actual ticket sales!

    The...  more
    led by Jan Morris

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    Latest: "Gulliver Rising" Show of moral dilemma, and overcoming. Each one is different dramatic situation on the same theme. "To him that overcomest..." Revelations
    led by Annette Buchanan-Phillips

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    Animation / VFX

    Everything Animation and VFX.
    led by jodymichelle

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    esoteric drama group

    Advance acting techniques for stage and film .advance positive thinking for life

    Participating in this group will unleash your hidden powers; your inner strength; your inner talents – which will empower you to be and to achieve what you dream to be...  more
    led by Kenan Hudaverdi

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    Scissor Productions

    Mario AlaimoMusic Composer, Songwriter, Singer,Actor,Director.

    Genavieve DupoixCamera-Woman, Editor, Actress, Singer, Director.
    led by Genavieve Dupoix

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    Las Vegas Indie Projects

    My name is Rich M. and I am an independent film production company owner working mainly out of Las Vegas, Honolulu and Park City. I have many projects ready for production and am looking to get them done. Anyone who has the same dilemma or is looking...  more
    led by Rich

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    The Canners

    A Strong team that contains screenwriter,film director,photographer,filmscorer,3d animator,costume designer etcA Strong team that contains screenwriter,film director,photographer,filmscorer,3d animator,costume designer etc

    The Canners's mission is to...  more
    led by Chris Mavridis

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    SilentJets Music Video Competition

    British Independant rock/Pop/Electro group Silentjets require a video for their forthcomong single Warning Sign. A quick link can be found here

    The MP3 can be sent to those interested in entering via email.
    led by michael sanderson

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    North Texas Film Students & Filmmakers

    Texas is a large area and as such networking works best best by region of the state. This group is to help my fellow North Texan filmmakers and film students connect just to be able to better network for projects.
    led by iggzy

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    Premonition Film Makers

    Hello Everyone

    I have been recently been writing a script on a film titled Premonition. I would hopefully like to produce this film and require your help. This group is created as a discussion to those interested in making this film, as there are many...  more
    led by Pratik Agrawal

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    Bee Flat

    I want to create a group of student or newely graduated or poeple who love to help like Cinematogrphers,AD,AP, Editors, Actors,Photographers, Makeup Artists, Custom Designer,Production Designer and who ever like to work in films in order to exchange...  more
    led by Jene Tamraz

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    hi, to every one, makers of south and all over the world. we choose there path in creative field. the creative work done by one person using every technicians knowledge perfectly for a better result. so we discuss here to give great works in the future.
    led by neelamkash