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Our subscribers’ privacy is of primary importance at The Film and Digital Networking Community (networking.studentfilmmakers.com) and StudentFilmmakers.com. It is important that our subscribers are fully informed about the use of their personal information prior to their choosing to subscribe to The Film and Digital Networking Community (networking.studentfilmmakers.com) and StudentFilmmakers.com.

Our Policy
The Film and Digital Networking Community (networking.studentfilmmakers.com) and StudentFilmmakers.com believe in 100% permission-based marketing. StudentFilmmakers.com collects the information you provide at our websites. Additionally, StudentFilmmakers.com purchases and manages opt-in email lists generated by affiliate sites and organizations. To subscribe, you must provide your email address and categories of interest. Subscribers may also provide such optional information as their postal address, zip code, gender, and age. StudentFilmmakers.com will confirm your subscription via email. After we have confirmed that you, as a consumer, have “opted-in” and chosen to subscribe, StudentFilmmakers.com will send you offers for goods and services relevant to the categories of interest you have chosen. StudentFilmmakers.com will broadcast special offers that would be of value to any online consumer to all StudentFilmmakers.com subscribers.

StudentFilmmakers.com values your e-privacy. Our subscriber’s email addresses will not be shared with any third parties. All email transmissions will be conducted by StudentFilmmakers.com . StudentFilmmakers.com maintains all personally identifiable information in its proprietary database.StudentFilmmakers.com does, however, provide “optional” information such as name, postal address, zip code, age, gender, etc. to third parties for non-electronic media. StudentFilmmakers.com remains dedicated to providing notice and choice to all StudentFilmmakers.com subscribers. The first sentence in each and every offer from StudentFilmmakers.com provides subscribers the option to “opt-out” and remove themselves from our database. Once a subscriber “opts-out” and chooses to be removed from our database, the subscriber will no longer receive any offers from StudentFilmmakers.com. StudentFilmmakers.com will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute the personal information of a former subscriber.

As part of our commitment to strictly permission-based marketing, StudentFilmmakers.com does not use cookies!

It’s Easy to Opt-out
It is just as easy to “opt-out” as it is to “opt-in!” You can choose to remove yourself from our database and terminate your subscription at any time. To “opt-out,” simply click the remove link in the first sentence of all StudentFilmmakers.com offers. You can also choose to remove yourself from our database at any time by clicking the “opt-out” link located on the first page of StudentFilmmakers.com.

Your Information is Protected by Our State-of-the-Art Technology
All records in the StudentFilmmakers.com database are maintained in our sixty-terabyte data storage center. We have invested thousands of dollars in the latest technologies to secure, house, and serve your database. All data is housed on redundant servers and protected by a firewall and unparalleled security infrastructure.

StudentFilmmakers.com encourages you to revisit our Privacy Statement to keep informed of any changes.


Our site provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us at the point where we request information about the visitor.

This site gives users the following options for removing their information from our database to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service.