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  • jodymichelle Happy Saturday Morning! This is a great day to interact and post your filmmaking questions and answers in the Filmmaking Forums Online! Read and/or post while drinking your morning coffee, OJ, or tea:
    Oct 27

  • Kim Welch I am happy to see all the new members. I am extremely busy these days. I am not complaining. Happy. Just don't get as much time to read and post here as I did years ago. I am still working on a few screenplays in the works currently. I hope to get them made in the next couple of years. StudentFilmmakers is still very important to me and I am going to put more time in it as the holidays season is upon us. I am also making plans for next year that include a new studio to do our workshops in again. If you're interested be sure to sign up on the home page for the e-newsletters to receive updates! (L)
    Nov 15

  • Jay Croot We are Seeking 1000 actors Worldwide for a experimental non commercial online IMDB listed feature film 'Hello Au Revoir'. View IMDB listing on application.  No audition involved! On application, actors will be asked to send a self recorded clip(s) recorded on your device mobile, ipad or camera, which will be used in the film. The film is listed on IMDB all actors cast will be credited on IMDB, please note this is non commercial film i.e you would have no outlay (expense) and we would not sell the film in anyway. We have some excellent actors onboard we have cast over 500 actors so far and we are looking at casting another 500 actors for this production. We will cast all actors that follow the instructions on application (IMDB Credit Guaranteed) then once we receive your clip(s) we will credit you on IMDB, and then on the film itself once the film is completed.  This could be you 1st IMDB credit or your 51st, we welcome new upcoming and experience worldwide talent. This is a groundbreaking film and the first time an online feature film has been created this way.  Why not jump onboard and join us it's going to be special.
    June 19, 2017

  • Steve Cleberg Filmmaker/Educator