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  • Created December 10, 2020 by Giovanni Sciacco

    tracce per film score

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  • Created November 28, 2020 by Bob Richardson

    Hold on to your seats and get ready for epic movie soundtracks and trailer music. Explosive movie scores professionally written by our composers for you to use in your production. https://www.melodicloud.com/playlist/cinematic-trailers/

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    Cinematic Drum and Bass by Bob Richardson
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  • Created November 23, 2020 by Steven Rosenhaus

    1. The Inspector General: Overture was written with Gogol's political farce (and the Danny Kaye movie loosely based on it) in mind. 2. Violin Concerto, 2nd movement is for solo violin and strings alone; the recording is from the premiere in Dresden, Germany. 3. Cinematic Escapades in 3 movements.

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    Orchestral Music by Steven L. Rosenhaus
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  • Created July 20, 2020 by Ray Christensen

    Soundtrack music in a variety of styles; Orchestral to Heavy Metal!

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    RC Music & Sound
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