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Videos » Documentary » Cariñena grape harvest 4K

Cariñena grape harvest 4K

Every year from vastest and oldest winegrowing area of Aragón, Cariñena's grape harvest shows result of effort and experience since ancestral times, when first celtiberian inhabitants decided cultivate the wine grape between extreme windy range mountains of Algairen and lower cold areas with a dry soil plenty of stones and minerals. 2018 wine grape harvest expects to reach 93 million kilos from their 14,249has, 1,520 wine growers and 34 wineries. Once again the origin land value mixed with the agricultural knowledge and climate since centuries, produce together an excellent product, called; "the wine of the stones". :--------------------------------------------: Client: Ignacio Marín Winery Production: Fco Javier Fdez Bordonada Aerial Camera: Aereous.com Photography: Chavinandez.com & David Martin Rubio, anselshizen.es Inquiries:+34 619703569 chavinandez@gmail.com Thanks to Ignacio Marín winery, José Marín, David Martín Rubio, Juan Carlos Duaso, Juan Tejero, Francisco Javier Sierra, Carlos Flamarique, Mari Carmen Úbeda, Josina Tejero. 2018 september :--------------------------------------------: More Agriculture and food archive: https://tinyurl.com/yd5bharo Latest video production portfolio: https://tinyurl.com/y9nentd8 For another commercial movies and advertising, sponsorship, contact: chavinandez@gmail.com +34 619703569 Para usos comerciales, publicidad, patrocinios, contactar: chavinandez@gmail.com 619703569
Posted December 1, 2018 - Filed in Documentary - #documentary  #Vineyards 
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