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Free Your Mind Films 2015: Year Two

Posted by Chris Johnson
A reel consisting of clips from the 8 projects Free Your Mind Films was involved with in 2015. The projects are "Overcome", "Unrequited", "What If", "Never", "The Wronged One Season 3 Episode 1", "Too Proud to Die", "One Way Out" and "The Dust"

All the films are Directed by Christopher Johnson. "Overcome" was written by Kecia Romiel. "What If" and "Too Proud to Die" were written by Winston Green. "The Wronged One" is a show from Bad Wabbit Films and is run by Bruce Wabbit.

Actors involved in the films include
Ingrid Vollset
Brandon DeSpain
Jason Torres
Anthony Duluc
Victoria Ng
Emil Ferzola
Kevin J. Medlin
Tricia Fukuhara
Matthew Steven Serrano
Brandon Williams
Alan Thurston
Jessica Krueger
Melvin Waldrop
Ramona Tim Kee
Julianne Lawson
Winston Green
Kyle Minshew
Kara Tripoli
Joseph Cross
Shanae Harris
Alexander Serna
Mouna Rmiki
Joseph Herson
Omar Salmon
Jason Lopez
Gypsy Rose

The team this year included Jennifer Roman, Kecia Romiel, Winston Green, Angel Velasquez, Zackary Miller, Nestor L. Marmol and Aaron Corbett.
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