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The Life of A Filmmaker Wanna Be

  • Hi Student Filmmakers

    I know my last entry was back in 2014, but I really lost myself and ended up in a world of stress and grown up problems. Since the last time we talked: I have managed to restructure the Film School I was in, Graduated with a Diploma in Film and Television Production, Worked for the University for Two Years, Started a Production Company, Worked for LIVE Streaming and Production Company, Almost Died from lack of Sleep and Over Working, and I Have Been Surviving Corona like the rest of the World since 2020.

    We are in 2021 now, it is currently Autumn in South Africa and it is too cold for Life. But we move. I hope you are well and safe where ever you are in  the world. It is about time that we catch up with The Filmmaker Wanna Be.

    At this moment I am struggling to find a ground to stand on to start reconnecting with you and us meeting new Student Filmmakers. I do not know whether I should focus on the work I have done since leaving school, start where we left off, start on Joining YouTube, or Just carry on from the current time.

    But I will give myself time to familiarize myself with The Student Filmmaker World, because I just regained access to my Network tonight. Keep well and Stay Safe out in the World, Until Next Time.