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    New York City Film and Video Makers

    Working in New York City is a Dream for many.

    If I can make it there,

    I'll make it...  more
    led by lesley

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    Brack Media

    high school media program in SA TX where the students learn Digital Media, Cinema, broadcast Journalism, post-production, Audio Production and Sound Design, Compositing and motion graphics, Color Correction and DVD Authoring as well as screenwriting and...  more
    led by jhlazo8

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    Orlando Filmmakers

    This group was formed in order to network with filmmakers (i.e. directors, cam ops, dop, etc...) in order to make our independent films a reality. If you want to be a part of making a film this is the group that you need to join. We network in order to...  more
    led by Flexxville

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    Steadicam Operators

    Come and talk about what you have done or would like to do.

    Producers come ask us what we can do and what you want us to do.
    led by ATFilms

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    Trailerpark- Ohio University

    For the first time in the school’s history, Ohio University’s School of Media Arts and Studies is giving students a chance to produce a full-length feature film – for a class.

    Students of MDIA 419 are responsible for everything needed to make a movie,...  more
    led by Trailerparkpr

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    Flicks and Beats Talent Search

    Flicks and Beats is a global center stage for undiscovered film and music genius. A place where gifted artists can gather, share and profit from their artistic abilities. Our center stage is in the pre launch phase and we are continuing our quest for...  more
    led by FlicksandBeats0

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    Midwest Coalition

    This is a networking group for filmmakers who hail from the American Midwest. It includes members who now live and work in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and work in the film and television entertainment industry, and is especially for those with strong...  more
    led by temerson

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    Welcome! This group was created to let composers and those seeking composers and help with music for their films and videos discuss topics related to score writing. If you have not signed up sign up now.
    led by audiostratus

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    Full Sail Filmmakers Union

    Being Proud We Went To Full Sail - A group of students that have been to full sail or thinking of going.
    led by aspiringDP

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    Shooting internationally

    Discuss foreign locations, risks, safety precautions, questions about insurance or other risk management issues.
    led by Filmrisk

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    Post Genius

    This group is dedicated to Post Production as a Pre Production topic of conversation.

    We want to help shape the minds of the indie and seasoned film maker, alike, and re tool their work flow mind set to think about media management distribution before...  more
    led by DigitalPhoenix

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    Discuss and share experiences with SONY's new XDCAM series, including the EX series.
    led by Bard R. Gunnerud