• 540

    Panasonic Camera's

    Issues or Suggestions about using this type of camera or other Panasonic's..
    led by krisprice

  • 509

    Final Cut Pro Group

    Helping with any problems or suggestions about using Final Cut Pro.
    led by krisprice

  • 529

    Sony Vegas 6,7,8.0 Enthusiasts

    This forum would be for any individual with any level of expertise in the Sony Vegas series editing software. This would include Sony DVD Architect and some various audio editing that

    may apply to projects created within the program.

    It is my goal...  more
    led by Gregg Collins

  • 520

    No-Budget filmmakers

    This group is to help all the other no and low budget fimmakers out there with any problems they may come across and also for anyone else who wants to share there own tips on filming with a tight budget.
    led by Hawinikan

  • 621

    Miami Filmmakers

    A place to meet and hopefully collaborate with fellow aspiring filmmakers in the Miami Area
    led by rgesualdo

  • 559

    3D Animation & Visual Effects

    A CG image created about 6 years ago, representing

    state of the art at that point. Image won a few awards, and continues to be a good example of

    lighting in a computer generated environment.
    led by Attention_Earthlings

  • 569

    Avid Xpress Pro Editors

    I just created this group for Avid Xpress Pro users, but really any editor can join. The talk may be more geared towards Avid though. It can be whatever, gripes about Avid, info on new stuff, different techniques, your setup... whatever!
    led by scrappapervlog

  • 637

    Portable Media

    Here's the place to talk about all kinds of media for PDAs, media players, mp3 players, cell phones, podcasting, vidcasting...basically, anything you can take with you.
    led by Filmosity

  • 742

    European Cinema

    Discuss European Ciname and The "Other Cinema" of Europe and that being Eastern European Cinema.

    Discuss Films - Directors - social commentaries - art and so forth.
    led by JoeyDee