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  • 24 Hour Video Race in Dallas

    Hey Gang,I just wanted to say thanks to our talent, our crew, and family for there support in making this film for the race. We had a great time making the film, and look forward to next year when we will have to defend 1st place. It could not have been done without the Video Association of Dallas; ...
  • 24 Hour Film Race/ Dallas, Texas

    Hey Gang,Just wanted to drop a line and see if anyone else in the community here was planning on joining the 24 Hour Film Race here in Dallas. This will be our second year to compete in the race. We had a great time a couple of years ago, missed last year due to filming schedule, but are back this y...
  • New stuff from soundguy

    Okay, I am sorry that it has been so long since I have been here, but the last year has been really busy. Still no reason that I couldn"t have visited and wrote a little note. This should bring my friends here up to speed and I would love to here from you guys as well. Looks like there are a lot mor...
  • New Movie Trailer

    Hello fellow Movie Makers, I would like to share the trailer to our new short film (20 minute). We have summited to eight film festivals so far and will update you on our sucess with them. Please enjoy, soundguy. www.ungluedmovie.com
  • Right in the middle

    I am really looking forward to the finished product that we have been working on since last year, which is a short film. We are still working on the edit of the film, picking up Foley for a few of the scenes, and some CGI effects post. Do many of you start to get jumpy to start your next project? ...
  • Make it Rain

    Hi gang, I told you I was going to share a new piece of hardware that we built for our shoot at the cabin a few weeks ago. I now have a picture in my gallery of the rain maker along with some other pictures of that weekend long shoot. We needed it to rain on cue so I was asked to build something ...
  • Cabin shoot over!

    WOW...that is about the only way I can describe the way I feel right now. The film crew and I had a great time this past weekend; we are all very tired today, but satisfied with the work that we were able to complete. We had great weather, the location was more than I could have ever imagined, and o...
  • Working miles away from home

    Okay, we have been working on a short film for about 6 months, I know that is a long time for a short but we have a location out in the middle of no where and we needed the season to be right for the story to work. We've never been so far away from civilization on a shoot like this before and to te...