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  • Looking for representation as a screenwriter

    Dream. The script is an Action/Adventure/Fantasy that takes place in the mind. Dream, I feel, is a unique script with a high-intense fast-pace non-stop Action/Adventure with a little twist that today’s movie-going crowd will readily warm to and find gripping. This is my best work and deserves my bes...
  • Local filming

    Location Birmingham, Alabama. I'm in the process of working on a short film and looking for any film makers looking for learning exp. There is no money it will be for learning exp. credit will be given out right. Some equipment may be needed for more info please contact me. Thanks lostvalleyprodu...
  • Awakened

    I'm working on a new film called Awakened I'm looking to make a mark in the film business and show the world how scary a movie can get. So Please check it outhttp://www.indiegogo.com/images/widgets/widget_501.PNG">
  • Looking for a film crew

    Greetings,My name is Joanthan and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm looking for a local film crew to help with a movie I'm working on if any one is interested in working on a film please send me an email. I'll give out more detail in the emailMy email is lostvalleyproductions@gmail.com