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    Motion Picture Soundtracks

    Hello! Everyone.....Welcome To (Cine Matic Music Productions) My Sincere Gratitude To All The Members
    led by Veronica Patricia Ortiz

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    3D in the movies

    We talk about 3d programs and the evolution they bring to the cinema industry.
    led by Andreas Moumtzoglou

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    Post Casting Calls & Search For Talent

    Get access to more than 120K of talents - actors, models, dancers, extras, background actors, singers!

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    led by Casting360

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    Get Paid To Get PAid Film Competition

    Qualified filmmakers who submit there films to be considered for webetheater between now and April 5th will be entered for a chance to be paid to put there film on in addition to keeping a majority of their actual ticket sales!

    The...  more
    led by Jan Morris

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    Latest: "Gulliver Rising" Show of moral dilemma, and overcoming. Each one is different dramatic situation on the same theme. "To him that overcomest..." Revelations
    led by Annette Buchanan-Phillips

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    What are the challenges involved in shooting 3D?
    led by Kim Welch

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    Visual Effects

    Visual Effects Techniques are important jobs and skills needed in today's motion picture industry. We want to learn about the newest and best planning, shooting, editing techniques and the hardware and software these things are done on.
    led by Kim Welch

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    Animation / VFX

    Everything Animation and VFX.
    led by jodymichelle

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    esoteric drama group

    Advance acting techniques for stage and film .advance positive thinking for life

    Participating in this group will unleash your hidden powers; your inner strength; your inner talents – which will empower you to be and to achieve what you dream to be...  more
    led by Kenan Hudaverdi

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    Scissor Productions

    Mario AlaimoMusic Composer, Songwriter, Singer,Actor,Director.

    Genavieve DupoixCamera-Woman, Editor, Actress, Singer, Director.
    led by Genavieve Dupoix